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Fur Indoors Dog Boarding Kennels


A whole new meaning to Dog Boarding. Luxury Dog Hotel, enrichment activities, access to day care, one to one snuggles, 24 hr staff. 



Fur Indoors Doggy Daycare Bridgend

Dog Park

Huge indoor and outdoor play areas, 100% secure, supervised by our experienced team. A safe and fun place to play and socialize.  



Fur Indoors Doggy Daycare


Off lead free play environment, fun, cuddles, enrichment and socialization. We’ll take great care of your dog when you’re at work! 



Fur Indoors Dog Training Bridgend

Dog Training
& Behaviour

Experience and knowledge. We use positive reinforcement, force free techniques to get the best from your dog. IMDT qualified team.  



Best Canine Care Centre


All of our sleeping areas are indoors and our dog mad team are here 24hours a day tending to their every need. Our over-night guests have access to our purpose built Doggy Day Care Centre where they spend the day socialising and playing with other like-minded dogs.

Is your best friend coming to stay? Why not save time at check in by downloading our Doggy Holiday Registration Form now and bring the completed copy, along with your dog’s up to date vaccination card or recent Titre test results, with you?

Just want to take advantage of our Doggy Day Care service? Why not book your dog’s Day Care assessment and Half Day trial. They don’t have to be a guest at our Dog Hotel to enjoy Day Care but they’ll wish that they were!

Want to book your dog in for boarding?  



Our overnight boarding guests get spoilt rotten! Our team are highly trained and dedicated to making sure your dog has the time of their life.


Our centre is fully secure and comprises of a great big Indoor Dog Park with play and agility equipment. An even bigger Outdoor Play Area, plus a fully equipped Agility Arena with cushioned flooring designed to protect joints.

Our Dog Park is the ideal place to bring your dog friendly dog to socialise, play and learn new skills. What better place to practice recall and generalise obedience behaviours than in a fully enclosed and secure space?

Your dog will be physically and mentally stimulated by all of the activities, sights, sounds and smells of the dog park and its guests. Our team of dedicated staff are fully training in dog body language, canine interactions and, of course, canine first aid. We love seeing happy and relaxed dogs playing together and maybe grabbing a sneaky cuddle with our team members who just can’t help themselves!

Your dog doesn’t have to be using Day Care or staying in our Dog Hotel to use our Dog Park. Just come along and sign up on the day to come in and play with your dog in our Dog Park. What’s even better is the rain can’t get you! Fur Indoors Bridgend is located just 5 minutes of J36 of the M4, and within easy road access from Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot, Barry and Cardiff. Our centre is the hub for all things dog!


Our Day Care Centre has been specially designed so that your dog has lots to do. Our Day Care is a free play environment. We do not use crates or cages. Every dog attending our Day Care MUST FIRST attend an assessment and half day trial by calling us on 01656 724846. This is to see how they settle in and so that they can get to know us.

In our Day Care Centre the dogs learn great dog to dog socialisation skills which help them to grow into well rounded and confident dogs in our care. We use positive reinforcement and force free techniques to ensure your dog has a blast. Day Care at Fur Indoors Bridgend includes off lead play, our very popular sensory garden, lots of cuddles and love, enrichment activities, plus access to our agility arena.

All of the dogs in our care stay within our huge facility,so that we know that every dog they meet will have been assessed and are good play mates. Our Centre is fully secure and comprises of an indoor play area, outside play park, agility arena and sensory garden.


Fur Indoors Doggy Daycare


Our out of hours events are great fun. Always on a Saturday between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.

The Park is closed to the public and only open for the event attendees. You do have to be registered with us to attend but you can do that on the day. Make sure you bring your dog’s vaccination card or up to date Titre test results with you on your first visit. All dog’s attending must be both dog and people friendly. To book, just give us a call on 01656 724846. Booking is not essential.

We have a range of events suitable for every type of dog. Some events are age specific (like Puppy Party), others are breed specific (like Poodles and Doodles) and some are energy or size specific (like Small and Tinies or Big and Bouncy). Click below to see our upcoming events on Facebook.


Our Training and Behaviour team are highly qualified and experienced at what they do. They really are the experts.

All of the techniques that we use are based in positive reinforcement and force free methods; scientifically proven to be the best way to get the most from your dog. We understand how dogs learn and will teach you everything you need to know to build a strong, loving and trusting bond through training and fun.

We offer a range of courses, master classes and private sessions to suite your lifestyle and to bring your furry family member through from puppyhood to old age.

We don’t just focus on your dog. We also offer courses for the Hoomans too! Learn to speak dog at Fur Indoors.



Kosmo loves Day Care and her dog tracker shows that she’s had plenty of exercise, plenty of time mooching and, importantly, rest too. I know she’s in safe hands.

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